Fear and Honesty

For many of us, our addictions are embarrassing; we don’t want to share our faults with the people around us; we don’t want to feel judged or shamed, so we keep them hidden. But how can we possibly hope to defeat our vices all on our own? The seven deadly sins were first identified in the fourth century! That’s 18 centuries, 1800 years, that people have been struggling and failing against their addictions! It seems we would need an army to defeat something that strong and prevalent. 

Social media can be deceiving. The internet has connected the world in a way that humanity has never experienced before. We can play video games, have a real-time conversation, and even fall in love with someone who is on the other side of the planet. But there is a dark side: the anonymity. We can be completely different people online, which honestly feels amazing. Escaping ourselves and becoming someone different, someone without our flaws and faults, it’s liberating.  

When we compare true life to fiction, we can expect to be disappointed. People say and do things online that they never would in real life because there are fewer, if any, consequences. They can be hurtful and condemning, or they can be seemingly perfect. Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms paint an idealized picture of what we and our lives should be like, and we are constantly comparing others’ posts to our own lives. We feel depressed, unaccomplished, unsuccessful, and self-loathing, and because no one is posting about their recent weight gain, divorce, or college drop-out, we feel we are the only ones who are struggling. We feel isolated. 

Isolated, we face our problems, and time and time again, we fail. How can we ever expect to have a different outcome when our method is always the same? When we’re too embarrassed to talk to our friends and family, and when we feel like we’re the only people struggling on earth, where can we go?

We can’t do it alone. Over the course of this blog, I want to create a place where we can support and inspire each other, share information, and together ultimately overcome our struggle, our exhaustion, and our hopelessness, and finally move on with our lives. I want this to be a place of honesty, where we shed away our false online personas and own up to our real identities with all of our faults, flaws, and mistakes laid bare. With no judgements, no condemnation, no jealousy nor ill-will, I want us to have one place where we can be honest with one another and with ourselves. 

We can’t fix our faults if we can’t confront them. I believe that if we are together in this place and if we are unafraid and honest, we can confront our problems together, and together we are stronger, and together we can win. 

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